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Panoramic Surveillance Camera

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A high-performance security system to ensure optimal protection of your home without spending a fortune!

Discover why this innovative security device has become the best and most popular on the market.

Real Facts

A burglary occurs every 18 seconds in the United States. This figure represents approximately 4,800 break-ins per day!

These statistics are really alarming. If you live in a high-risk area, security is even more important.

As scientists say, installing a security system for your home reduces the risk of burglary by 60%!

Yet, while some equipment may seem effective in protecting you from theft, the purchase and installation of these devices, as well as registration fees, can be costly.

Fortunately, there is now an effective solution that prevents you from being ripped off by dubious companies while giving you peace of mind!

With a crime rate that is always increasing, discover this security device that has become the most popular on the market.

This is the Panoramic Surveillance Camera, the smartest, most practical, and reliable security device on the market.

It is small, compact, and very discreet. Thanks to the 360-degree rotating high-definition 1080P lens, the Panoramic Surveillance Camera has good night vision to provide you with clear and sharp recordings even at night.

It also has two-way communication, motion detection, and automatic tracking function to ensure optimal security for your home 24/7!

The Panoramic Surveillance Camera is distinguished above all by its price, ultra-compact design, and incredible functions (100% wireless).

The most interesting thing is its installation, which is as easy and quick as screwing a light bulb into a socket!

You can secure your home and office in just a few minutes. For a small price, the Panoramic Surveillance Camera can change your life.

No installation required, no monthly fees.

A group of experienced American engineers created this revolutionary device. Their goal was to design an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain security camera suitable for all homes and offices.

They made many improvements over traditional security cameras. The Panoramic Surveillance Camera attaches to any light bulb socket, anywhere, with enough space to pivot in all directions while remaining discreet.

This camera does not require any cables or batteries to function; it is practical and easy to transport. You simply need to screw the camera onto a light bulb socket and connect it to a normal power outlet and that's it. Monitor your home in real-time wherever you are.

With no installation, maintenance, or monthly download fees, it will save you a fortune.

You will be impressed by its effectiveness!

Its high-definition resolution offers clear and sharp images, with a 360-degree view without blind spots.

It also has a built-in motion detector to not miss any moment. You receive real-time notifications on your phone when motion is detected.

This camera is equipped with a two-way audio system. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can listen and talk through our application.

The Panoramic Surveillance Camera can record continuously 24/7 on the SD card. You can view all recordings at your leisure, and no one else can access them. Very advantageous for privacy.

Why choose the Intelligent 360° Surveillance Camera?

Connect it to any device.

Works with IOS and Android devices.

Easy install

Plug the camera into a light bulb socket connect power outlet base no need drill wall wiring simple convenient.

1080P High-definition resolution

Provides clear sharp recordings that you can view remotely in real-time.

Intrusion alarm

Simply press button trigger powerful alarm will scare off burglars.

This camera has improved improved night vision. this has vision provide images even low conditions.

Bright LED light

This device is both a surveillance camera and an ultra-bright LED lamp to illuminate any dark space.

No cable or battery required

The camera is powered directly from a power outlet, and therefore has an unlimited amount of energy.

Portable design

Unlike built-in surveillance cameras, you can take it with you anywhere. Ideal for travel and seasonal rentals.

A camera so powerful, you'll be talking about it to all your friends and family!


It is very easy to install. You just need to:

Step 1: Unpack your Panoramic Surveillance Camera

Step 2: Download the app

Step 3: Scan the camera's QR code with your phone

Step 4: Connect the camera to your home or office Wi-Fi network

That's it!

Answers to frequently asked questions

Does the Panoramic Surveillance Camera require installation?

No, it works straight out of the box and is very easy to use. You can secure your home or office in less than 60 seconds.

Does the product work with batteries?

No! The Panoramic Surveillance Camera is powered from a power outlet and consumes energy like a regular light bulb.

What's in the package?

A wireless surveillance light bulb, a base, and a user manual.

Customer comments who have used the Panoramic Surveillance Camera

"It has been useful to us twice already. I am very impressed with this camera. Incredibly easy to install and connect. This is for those who are considering using a surveillance camera at home or elsewhere." - Philippe T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The device is very well designed and at first glance, it looks of good quality. There is nothing cheap about this device." - Steve T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This camera is worth its price. It pans left and right, up and down, has motion tracking that works perfectly, and has many features like those of big-brand cameras." - Richard D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

But how much does it cost?

Classic security devices usually cost between £300 to £800, so you would expect the Panoramic Surveillance Camera to be in the same price range.

But imagine if we told you that the price of the Panoramic Surveillance Camera is only £139.99? Wouldn't that already be a good deal?

Thanks to our launch offer, the Panoramic Surveillance Camera is currently available with a 65% discount and will be sold for only £49.99.

This is the price to pay for a brand new high-end security device that will ensure your safety and that of your family.

Why is this discount exceptional?

The American company that manufactured the Panoramic Surveillance Camera is offering a big discount to its first buyers.

By offering a 65% discount, many people will be able to try their cameras. The more people who have cameras, the more positive feedback the company will receive. This feedback will give them a huge amount of attention on social media for free. The best advertisement is happy customers sharing their experience!

This promotional offer is valid only this week.

The Panoramic Surveillance Camera is selling very quickly, order yours before the end of our promotional offer.

Keep an eye on your pet, take care of your children, and ensure the security of your home wherever you are. This is the most effective way to protect your family and your property.

No need for expensive surveillance cameras, with installation fees or additional expenses!

If you order now, you will receive a 65% discount. Don't wait any longer to get yours before the stocks run out!


We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We guarantee that you will be 100%

Panoramic Surveillance Camera

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