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NexFan Portable Air Conditioner

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Discover the perfect solution to cool down any room in your home in less than 5 minutes, without spending a fortune!

What do experts say?

Our country is forecast to experience a very hot and prolonged summer this year. This could make temperatures uncomfortable and difficult to bear, wherever you are.

It is important to prepare to deal with the heatwave and make the most of the long-awaited hot summer temperatures!

Many households are constantly looking for more efficient and economical ways to keep cool during the summer.

There are different types of fans and air conditioners on the market. Fans are considered to be more economical, but they do not cool the ambient air. On the other hand, air conditioners are very effective at cooling a room, although they are generally more expensive and more difficult to install and maintain. In addition, air conditioning can produce noise and vibrations.

I am aware that the high temperatures in our country can be unbearable. However, it is possible to enjoy the coolness and comfort of an air conditioner that purifies the air before you breathe it, while having costs similar to those of an electric fan.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already adopted this quick, efficient, economical, portable alternative to cool down and refresh their environment. Not to mention the additional possibility of purifying the air wherever it is placed.

In addition, this device comes in a compact package, no bigger than a simple box.

But what is it?

Introducing the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner.

It's an innovative, ultra-modern and affordable solution that cools just as well, if not better, than traditional air conditioners.

It is perfect to help you rest comfortably during the hot summer nights.

Two German engineers created the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner to deal with the high temperatures in their office.

They found that traditional air conditioners were inconvenient, expensive, and ineffective for daily use. Indeed, they are often bulky, heavy, and not very mobile. That's why they invented the most efficient air conditioner available on the market today.

Thanks to extensive research, they have developed a revolutionary air conditioning system that has been approved by technology experts, all at an affordable price. They created an elegant, portable, powerful, and easy-to-use air conditioner.

It is small, light, and easy to install.

It is the best air conditioner on the market, capable of providing you with fresh, clean, and relaxing air instantly.

It is powerful, easy to carry, maintain, and use.

An innovative air conditioning system!

Scientists predict a very hot summer this year, which could even last longer than expected. In this context, the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is considered the best product of the year.

How does it work?

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner does not use harsh chemicals and does not consume as much electricity as traditional air conditioners. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. You can take it with you wherever you go.

It is easy to operate. You simply need to fill the water tank and press a button.

How to use the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner?

The NexFan air conditioner can be used:

  • At the office
  • In the dining room
  • In your bedroom
  • In the children's room

And more!

You can place the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner anywhere, and enjoy cool air in just a few seconds.

Have a pleasant summer

Say goodbye to feelings of suffocation and clothes sticking to your skin because of the heat.

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner can have a significant impact on your life. You just need to place it anywhere you need coolness and press the start button to enjoy fresh and pleasant air in just 30 seconds.

Helps you fall asleep faster.

This innovative portable air conditioner emits bright lights that harmonise with the cool air and the gentle vibrations of the fan, to create a good sleep environment.

Save on your electricity bill and maintenance cost

You might think that such a powerful and compact device requires a lot of maintenance and is difficult to install.

By plugging it into a wall socket or by connecting it to your smartphone, your computer, or an external battery via USB, you can enjoy fresh and pleasant air with the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner.

All while reducing your energy bill. The use of the NexFan is more economical compared to a traditional air conditioner.

What are its advantages?

More than you could imagine!

Choose the mode that suits you

Can be used as an ordinary fan or air cooler. As you wish.

Quick and efficient

Provides you with fresh and pleasant air in just 30 seconds.

Three adjustable speeds

Features three fan speeds to match your different needs.

Easy to maintain

Just fill the water tank and press a button. Large capacity tank (550 ml).

Compact and lightweight size

It's small, lightweight, and easy to carry. The empty casing weighs only 900 grams.


Large capacity tank for a longer cooling duration.

Soft and quiet

The fan of the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is designed to operate quietly, without disturbing your concentration or sleep.

Ambient lighting

Creates a more intimate atmosphere in your home.

Easy to adjust

Adjustable slats promote air flow where you want it.

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with a filtration system that removes dust and bacteria in the air, making it an ideal option for people suffering from allergies or seasonal rhinitis. By using this device, you can enjoy a cool and pleasant indoor environment all day long.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Does the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner require installation?

It requires no installation. It is ready to use and starts cooling a room in less than a minute.

Is it bulky?

It is small and does not take up much space. Easy to carry, you can take it everywhere with you.

How to use it?

Just fill the water tank and press a button to maintain an ambient temperature throughout the house.

If the water tank is empty, will it still work?

If the tank is empty, it will be used as a regular fan.

Does it emit a lot of annoying noise?

No, not at all. It is ultra quiet.

Can it be left on while we sleep?

Its ultra-quiet design promotes a comfortable sleep.

What makes this portable air conditioner special?

Summer is coming soon, prepare to face the high temperatures!

Traditional air conditioners are no longer fashionable, more costly, ineffective, and emit annoying noises. But the worst part is, you can't even move them from one room to another!

What's your opinion on electric fans? While they might be cheaper, they're not as effective at cooling. Instead of cooling the room, they only create a stream of air that can even warm the room temperature.

Discover the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner, the most cost-effective, efficient, wireless, and suitable air conditioning system for your home.

The best air conditioner on the market!

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is the most effective and economical solution to stay cool and comfortable, wherever you are.

Ultra quiet and adjustable to three speeds to meet your different needs. Perfect for sleeping, or for cooling off at the office or during your workout sessions.

Refreshes, humidifies and renews the hot air to keep your home cool.

Cools your interior while lightening your electricity bill.


Only available online on our official website.

Unbeatable quality - price ratio

It is the best air conditioner on the market

This is the best air conditioner on the market. An air conditioner usually costs more than £300, not to mention maintenance costs and the very high electricity bill.

But you won't have to spend £300, or even £150 to get this device. You can acquire it for less than half the price of the cheapest air conditioner on the market, which is £99.99.

A remarkably low price considering all the benefits and savings it offers. And that's not all: thanks to our launch offer, the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner only costs £59.99.

A very small price to pay for a new and ultra-efficient air conditioner to keep you cool all summer long.

Is using the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner a good idea?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The market offers many portable air conditioners, but the NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is the one that brings together all the essential features.

It is very efficient, economical, easy to carry and use, and requires no maintenance. Moreover, it is convenient, provides great comfort, and contributes to improving the quality of your sleep.

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner is the best choice of air conditioner on the market.

The NexFan Portable Air Conditioner helps you have a pleasant summer. It can be used at the office, at home, or during your rest hours.


We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, contact us and we will make sure to solve your problem.

This is a limited offer. Order yours while it's time.


NexFan Portable Air Conditioner

  • £59.99


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